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  "currently": "Student @fultonschools",
  "location": "~/Georgia",
  "name": "Arcade Wise"

Hello and welcome! I am Raleigh Wise, and welcome to my space here on this vast network of computers and people. I am currently based out of Georgia, going to school at Innovation Academy, a new STEM magnet school in Fulton County (with a very pretentious name).

I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do when I “grow up”, but currently things that are fascinating to me include the intersection of tech and mental health, specifically ADHD and anxiety, as that’s what I’ve been diagnosed with, and cybersecurity.

One thing you may immediately notice about me in person is that I am very strong willed when it comes to making the world a more fair and equal place for everyone, no matter what they believe or who they are. I am working on combating my internalized biases towards others, especially those I disagree with.

In the case that you anything here is interesting to you, I am always open to talking to new people! I’d love to work with new people on new things, or old people on old things.

Feel free to download my resume, poke around my GitHub, or shoot me a DM on Twitter!

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CrossFit The Forge

2021 :: Web dev & AV setup

I approched the designer of the redesign for the website, after I learned that the gym was rebranding. Then, the head coach asked me to make the backend easier to use than the current website, which required you to manually edit the HTML. So I built the website off of Airtable so that she could just change any little detail.

  • NextJS
  • Airtable
  • Vercel
NextJS, Airtable, Vercel



— a hyper-fast light-weight SSG written in Crystal


Monis is a hyper-fast light-weight SSG written in Crystal. I used this project to learn about SSGs and how they work, as well as to work with Crystal some more. It is hyper-fast, thanks to the amazing Crystal compiler, under my benchmarks (rendering the readme a 100 times), a large site can be generated in less then 25ms! I also got to use Makefiles for the first time with this project.

  • Crystal
  • Makefiles
  • Jinja
  • Markdown
  • Shards
Crystal, Jinja, Makefile, CSS


— a strange little 16bit ISA/Architecture


Super16 is my custom architechture for a theoretical CPU. I have designed the thing from the ground up, so here's an overview; text-out support using ascii chars, 7 16-bit registers, binary compilation, 16-bit data on every instruction, built-in screen drawing (pixel by pixel). In the super16 ISA one instruction is composed of 32 bits, making up 3 catagories; Opcode, Register and data. The opcode is two hexadecimal digits, the register is another two, and the data is a 4-digit hexadecimal number split into two two-digit numbers.

  • Python
  • Assembly
  • Unix shell
Python, Assembly, Shell


— a theme for VS code inspired by macOS Monterey


A VS code theme inspired by macOS Monterey! I love the color pallet and now I can use it in my code editor! This was fun to learn about Azure DevOps and PATs, as well as the workflow for publishing extensions!

  • JavaScript
  • Yarn
  • Azure DevOps


— a productivity tool with speed in mind


L3g was at first a project to learn Crystal, a compiled language similar to Ruby, but it became much more. l3g can create projects for me, write licenses, auto commit and push, install itself, and much more. It has significantly sped up my current workflow.

  • Crystal
  • Unix