mac OS X .... in a VM‽

written December 22, 2020 // 1 min read


You may be thinking “Why is OS X so intresting?” Well this is intresting because it's running by a VM!


Firstly, you may be asking yourselves “Why would you do this?” or “What is the point of this?”.

The point is, I can, so why not‽

Moving on, how?

First, I installed the “Update to Catalina” app on my dad's MacBook Pro. I then followed a guide to transform this app into an .iso image.

Then, I installed VirtualBox, and an expansion for it, to allow me to edit some characteristics of the VMs.

I tricked the VM into thinking it was an iMac, and then installed OS X Catalina onto it.

I then spent a while messing around with drivers to get internet bridging up.

Once that was working, I updated to Big Sur. That was supprisingly easy!

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